• What is axe throwing? 

Axe throwing is good old fashioned fun, and exactly what it sounds like.  We throw axes at targets for sport and for fun.  At Main Street Axe Company we also provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere.  Come enjoy a new experience with friends!

  • Do you allow minors to throw?

Yes, in our Pittsburg store kids 12 and up are allowed to throw when they are accompanied by an engaged parent or guardian.  This is an activity you'll share with them, we do not allow kids to play without you. 

Our Joplin facility is currently 21 and up only, no minors allowed during regular business hours.  A private party including including guests under 21 may be arranged, please call for details.


  • Do I need to bring anything? 

Yes, closed-toe shoes and your ID.   We require closed-toe shoes to throw axes and that you sign in with our electronic waiver.  That's when we check your ID.

  • Do you have food?

No, we do not have food or snacks but we welcome you to bring in your own!  Have pizza delivered, it's perfect fuel for axe throwing and it goes well with the frosty selection of beer and soda's we offer.  And on that note, please do not bring in outside beverages....we've got you covered.